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Meet Marta and Daniel

Daniel Rinzler and Marta Fabregas co-founded Evolve Gap Year by combining Daniel’s years of tour company expertise with Marta’s love and enthusiasm for teaching hands-on marine and environmental science. Their Evolve Gap Year program offers teens and young adults a world experience of visiting beautiful and exciting places while co-creating sustainable traveling communities in harmony with our planet.

Evolve Gap Year was created with the intention of delivering a life-changing experience for young adults who are looking to explore life through travel. Eight years ago Daniel and Marta met in Costa Rica while co-guiding a trip of young students through the rainforests, permaculture farms and beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.

Daniel, an avid traveler, nature lover, surfer, scuba diver, kite boarder, snowboarder, yogi and spreader of positive energy instantly connected with Marta as they guided the trip. Marta’s passion for biology and experiential education, love for the ocean and scuba diving, skiing, world travel and yoga was naturally in line professionally with Daniel.

After departing from Costa Rica, Daniel and Marta remained in touch. Marta continued guiding trips for Evolve Tours around the globe and Daniel was back at the Evolve office heading up marketing and client engagement.

In 2015, while Marta was studying for a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, Accelerated Healing Practitioner and Life Empowerment Coaching at the Mount Shasta University, Daniel and Marta had a conversation about creating a meaningful program for youth after high school to bring empowering experiences to expand their horizons and connect with their inner strength to create the lives they most deeply desire.

After many hours of planning, meditation and loving intention, the Evolve Gap year program and the Path of the Puma were born. Here, all aspects of life are integrated with expertise in outdoor, experiential and holistic education, leadership, biology, cultural exchange and permaculture.

Marta Fabregas

Co-Founder + Tour Leader

Marta Fabregas

Daniel Rinzler

Co-Founder + Yogi

Daniel Rinzler

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