- a life transforming experience -

Evolve Holistic Education

Holistic education integrates many levels of human experience. The Evolve Gap Year program balances multiple aspects of personal growth and character development by providing hands-on and on-site experience. As you interact with other youth, new cultures and the environment, you will gain self confidence as well as interpersonal and groups skills. In addition to enhancing external relationships, as teens and young adults, you  are encouraged to explore your inner world as well as your expanding worldview.

Build new skills while you earn four certificates:

  • Permaculture Design Course Certificate while living on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica;
  • Wilderness First Responder Certificate included in a Wilderness Medicine course in Mount Shasta, CA;
  • Open Water Diver course certification in Mexico, and
  • Reiki, Level 1 and 2, certification in Costa Rica.

You will participate in active learning situations, designed to increase your understanding of yourself as a maturing adult. As you immerse yourself in 3 week-long living experiences, you will harvest your own food, cook with native communities and participate in the daily activities of an eco-village. As you join in diverse indigenous activities, your vision expands holistically as you connect to your surrounding community and environment.

Traveling through five different countries with professionally trained staff, you will experience safe, flexible and dynamic activities to enhance your personal development, problem solving abilities, critical thinking, and proactive decisions making.  With a full itinerary emphasizing multiple experiences, you will develop your sensory connections with nature.

To Parents / Interested Adults/  Sponsors:

Experiential learning and  mindful awareness are foundational to Evolve’s holistic education. We engage the individual with the world through an active hands-on multisensory approach whereby students are empowered with an ever growing dynamic experiences.

Students experience freedom of inquiry, expression and personal growth. They assume roles devoted to leadership training, balanced decision making, and skill building according to their personal ability to assume such responsibility.

Pillars of Holistic Experiential Education: (HEE = fun!)


Ask! Have fun! Empower your learning by paying attention, listening, perceiving and developing curiosity, intuitiveness and creativity. Take responsibility for learning, keeping up-to-date, and knowing where to look for knowledge. Direct your own life!


Adapt to the specific requirements of work and working in a team. Strategically use your knowledge to resolve problems. Make decisions in team leadership positions. Learn how to take risks as well as take initiative.


Live responsibly! Respect and cooperate with other people and all the living organisms on the planet. Develop your excellence as you appreciate biodiversity. Build awareness of the interdependence of all life and cultures. Strengthen your empathy and practice cooperative social behaviour in sharing with new cultures through dialogue and work towards common objectives.


Discover the beauty of human nature. Encounter the true essence of yourself, beyond the fickle mind of thoughts and emotions. Develop mindful awareness as you quiet your mind and learn to be present to the ongoing moments of new experiences, internal and external. Exercise your critical thinking and independent judgement as you practice personal commitment and responsibility.

Fire up your enthusiasm for life!

Gain deeper understanding of your life purpose.

– You will grow and evolve in awesome and multifaceted ways as you experience the Evolve Gap Year. –