Can I contact my family and friends during the program?


Yes. We will have time to access to the internet in most of our destinations. Every week we will have some time to access the internet and/or make phone calls.  Evolve staff will be facilitating these communications.

Does Evolve have a packing list?


Evolve will send a handbook when the booking process is finished that includes a complete packing list. During our Skype call we can discuss any questions or concerns regarding packing or logistics.

Is it possible for my diet to be adapted during the program? like if I am vegetarian?

Evolve community respects and adapts your diet requirement in the locations we travel to. We will try to accommodate your dietary requirements as much as we can. Evolve values accept and honor each participant and their own cultural or religious practice.

How long is the Evolve Gap Year Program and what are the destinations?

The Evolve Gap Program is three months.

We will travel to five primary destinations:  California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia.

Why would the Evolve GAP year program be beneficial for my future?

The Evolve GAP year will be beneficial for your future because you will have opportunities as a young adult for deeper connections between people, within nature and within yourself.

Traveling sustainably and living with multiple cultures for three months can widen your perspectives about life, increase your understanding of the world around you, and empower you to find direction, profound meaning and success.

The Evolve GAP year trains confident, powerful leaders through skill building, experiential education and hands on-experiences in a variety of ecosystems. You will earn four internationally recognized certifications.  You will also receive coaching sessions that are designed to help you define your personal life direction to impact the world in multiple positive ways as your perspective broadens.

The certificates obtained during the program will work for future references?

Yes. The certificates you will earn remain valid for life. You can use them as part of your CV and to apply for work in specialized areas as well in real life situations.

What age group is the program is focused on?

The ages that Evolve GAP year program is focused on are between 17 and 22. After high school and before making critical decisions regarding the future. We offer a unique program with many experiences visiting amazing parts of the world that will help go through the growth transition with confidence.

Is there a period when we will focus on the local culture more than the group schedule?


We will have three stays with local communities. During that time we will carry out daily life activities with the hosting families. We will share as a group every day, and as a group, experience a new culture.

What are the main educational areas the program focuses on?

The main educational focuses of the program are marine and terrestrial biology and conservation; wilderness medicine; and water sports. The marine and land sciences are taught with holistic-experiential and outdoor education methods that also include leadership training. The sports include scuba diving and surfing. You will learn and earn a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certificate and you will have the opportunity for fun surfing lessons in the Caribbean Sea. For quiet and reflective activities, you can practice inner awareness meditation, yoga and Reiki.

How long has Evolve been in Business?

Evolve Gap Year a subsidiary of Evolve Tours has been running programs around the world for students and adults since 2006.

How does Evolve manage emergency situations?

Every situation differs, we have trained and certified professionals on our staff making those decisions pertinent to the situations should they arise. During the first two weeks of our program, all students train to achieve their Wilderness First Responder certification.

What is included in the Evolve Gap year program?

Cost of the program includes room and board, local flights, local transportation, all certificate programs. Not included is flight to first location and flight home. Personal insurance is not included.

Visit our Inclusions page for more information on what is included in the GAP Year Program.

Is there an application period or can I apply anytime? Where do I sign up?

You can sign up anytime. The first step is to schedule an online meeting with the Evolve Gap Year founders. We require your name and email to schedule an online or phone meeting. For more information, visit the Meet With Us section.