Risk Management

While Evolve strives to create transformational and enjoyable programming, our highest priority is to provide a safe and healthy experience for all program members.

Program destinations and activities are thoroughly assessed and selected based upon a number of safety factors. Evolve monitors and follows all Travel Advice and Advisories from the Government of Canada and the U.S. Department of State, in addition to local authorities.

Prior to every program, a detailed Risk and Hazard Assessment is completed to identify any and all possible risks associated with the tour, as well as their frequency and severity.

A specific Risk Management plan is developed to mitigate these risks to the best of our professional ability.

A Crisis Management plan, which describes a clear and specific course of action is ready to be implemented at any time should an incident occur. Evolve  staff  and guides possess a detailed list of the nearest medical facilities who can provide proper and immediate medical attention for tour members if the need arises.

Our Evolve Gap Year Directors that accompany each group are leaders in their fields of outdoor education, history, languages, camp programming, and more. They work with school groups year round and are passionate about safe, educational travel.

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– You will grow and evolve in awesome and multifaceted ways as you experience the Evolve Gap Year. –