Ready to Enroll?

The 2020 Gap Year program will be epic! Now that you have had a chance to peruse through the website information, you might be thinking: “What are the next steps to enroll and get more detailed information?” Fortunately, the next steps are super-easy for you to start and dive into the experience!

Dates: September 22, 2020 to December 20, 2020

Enrolling requires a few easy steps:


Step 1 is to set up an online meeting with one of our directors, as described more fully in the Meet With Us section.

This is your opportunity to dig deeper. We will discuss the trip in further detail, answer your questions and get to know you better.

Step 2 – The MEET

Step 2 is meeting with us so you can begin to fill out the application form. As part of meeting with us, we will ask you to write an Activation Letter telling why you would excel and benefit from the experience. The Activation Letter will be fully explained when meeting with us.

Due to the hands-on nature of this program, a maximum of 12 participants are accepted into each program. This way, you will get the attention, love and focus to maximize your experience.

Meet with one of our team members:

Step 3 – The Acceptance

If you are accepted to the Gap Year Program, you will receive an email with a letter of acceptance within 2 weeks of submitting your application. Please respond with an email to confirm your commitment to participate and confirm all of your pertinent information.

If you do not receive this email in a timely manner, please feel free to reach out to us again.

What happens after enrollment?

The Coaching Session

Once we have received your confirmation email, we will call you to set up a coaching session appointment with our coaching staff, Sarah, Maqua or Marta to prepare you to begin your journey with us.


Set up an online meeting with one of our founders over Skype. Discuss the trip in further detail and get answers to your questions about the exciting journey of the GAP Year Program