The Path of the Puma

- traverse the Americas -


The Path of the Puma: Traverse the Americas

Follow the steps of the puma in our 3-month journey through 5 different countries of the Americas and expand your horizons connecting with ancient wisdoms of our Earth. Let the puma, respected in Native American traditions for its powers, decisiveness and leadership skills, be your guide in this adventure empowering yourself, connecting with your passions and strengths.

Expand your personal knowledge and awareness following the puma´s path through some of the most amazing ecosystems and cultures of the Americas. Be ready to be the greatest version of yourself!

Fall 2020 Dates: September 22, 2020 to December 20, 2020

Californias’ Mystical Mountain

Week 1-2 Mount Shasta, California

Explore mystical Mount Shasta, one of the highest volcano ecosystems in the Americas; train and receive your Wilderness First Responder Certificate; visit Redwood National Park, home of the tallest trees on Earth.

Areas of focus:

    • Earn your Wilderness First Responder Certificate
    • Engage in a Vision Quest and Inner Awareness Workshops
    • Hike through Dense old-growth woods in Redwood National Park
    • Learn Native American survival skills

Week 3: Akumal, Mexico

Receive your Open Water Diver Certificate, discover the mayan ruins, learn about sea turtles and their connection to earth, submerge in the underwater wonders and explore the coral reefs.

Areas of focus:

  • Earn your Open Water Diver Certificate
  • Join a Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Participate in a Coral Reef Restoration Program
  • Hike the Mayan ruins
Live The Pura Vida

Week 4-6: Costa Rica

Enjoy a Caribbean sustainable living center where you will become proficient in permaculture. Practice yoga, meditate by the ocean, join the Caribbean culture and take surfing lessons with our professional staff!

Areas of Focus:

  • Earn your Permaculture Design Certification
  • Obtain Reiki level I and II Certifications
  • Ride the waves at Surf Camp
  • Engage in Caribbean culture with local youth

Week 7-9: Peru

Connect and live with local Quechua communities in the Andes and at Lake Titicaca. Take an extended 5-day hike through the Andes and discover Machu Picchu!

Areas of Focus:

  • Hike trekking routes in the Peruvian Andes
  • Experience eco-friendly camping and live with local hosts
  • Explore the mysteries of Machu Pichu
  • Visit the highest lake in elevation of the world: Lake Titicaca
The Island of The Sun

Week 10-12: Bolivia

Travel with a local shaman who guides you along the ancient Incan routes. Visit his Aymara community on Sun Island in Lake Titicaca.  Experience and participate in traditions that respect and love the Earth.

Areas of Focus:

  • Follow the steps of a local shaman and live in his community
  • Hike the Bolivian Andes
  • Visit La Paz and its culture
  • Explore Pre-Incan ruins  
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