Travel will change your life.

I remember feeling nervous before my Evolve trip initially, but as soon as we landed and met our guide, I felt at home.  Our guides, although very different, where some of the most upbeat, kind-hearted, and delightful people I’ve ever met. They went above and beyond any expectations we had of them and really helped to make our experience a success.

On my Evolve trip, I created relationships and memories that would last a lifetime. We rode horses, salsa danced, visited an eco-lodge, went on an overnight trek, and spent 3 days volunteering in the small community where we stayed. The trip broadened my worldview, and deepened my perspective of global culture.


Traveling with Evolve introduced me to travel and provided me with a solid foundation for my future. I gained a new sense of confidence and self-assuredness that most people my age, especially females, do not have. I think that travel is one of the best ways to learn about and understand other parts of the world, and in turn appreciate and love all of its inhabitants. I believe that diverse human connection is invaluable, and it is in world experience where individuals grow to become change makers in society. Evolve provides young people with a chance to have these experiences and I truly think that every student should get a chance to go on one of these trips at some point in their lives. They will be better because of it.  


–Erika, Evolve Tours participant