Evolve Gap Year

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Evolve Gap Year Program

Immerse yourself into the wilderness and experience some of the most amazing natural places. Integrate outdoor education, permaculture, wilderness medicine, language study, cultural immersion, life empowerment coaching and inner awareness while traveling sustainably and having fun with fellow outdoor adventurists!

Dates: September 22, 2020 to December 20, 2020

Fire up your enthusiasm for life!

Gain deeper understanding of your life purpose.

– You will grow and evolve in awesome and multifaceted ways as you experience the Evolve Gap Year. –


Our core values of our Evolve Gap Year Program focuses on:


Connect with the natural world. Join Evolve’s adventures in settings of breathtaking beauty while trekking, surfing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking with our professional instructors and local guides. Become a leader as you develop on-site leadership skills.  Learn to manage challenges as a team with successful and safe tools in the wilderness. Transform yourself beyond your current comfort zone. Have fun!


Immerse yourself in 3 week-long living experiences. In Costa Rica, participate in the daily activities of an eco-village. Learn permaculture design and cook in harmony with Nature.  In Peru, experience a Quechua cultural community and participate in a sacred Incan ceremony.  In Bolivia, trek and live with the local community as you share their way of respecting Nature. Open your mind and heart to different cultures. Exchange ideas with local youth and young adults.  Communicate in a new language.  Develop new perspectives.


Discover new heights in North, Central and South America. Climb the Inca trails to Machu Picchu in Peru.  Surf the waves and learn permaculture at a private eco-lodge in Costa Rica.  Scuba dive in Mexico. Meet the local culture at the highest lake in the world at Sun Island in Bolivia. Learn wilderness medicine in Mount Shasta, California, a sacred town near the foot of an ancient volcano.


Explore your inner word. Meditate and practice yoga. Learn mindfulness and increase your ability to be present. Succeed in challenges to build your inner strength. Work toward your life purpose. Practice leadership skills and empower your independence. Build your inner toolbox to pursue your dreams and goals.

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