Evolve Program Structure

Immerse yourself into the wilderness and experience some of the most amazing natural places. Integrate outdoor education, permaculture, wilderness medicine, language study, cultural immersion, life empowerment coaching and inner awareness while traveling sustainably and having fun with fellow outdoor adventurists!

Dates: September 22, 2020 to December 20, 2020


Live on a permaculture farm where all life is sustained in harmony and balance. Learn to create stable, productive systems that provide for humans needs, harmoniously integrating the land with the inhabitants. Experience the full picture of the interaction of ecological processes of plants, animals, their nutrient cycles, climatic factors and weather cycles in sustainable living centers.


Immerse yourself in a wilderness medicine course and gain basic technical skills and confidence to take care of any emergency in the wilderness and in any daily life situation. Participate in the Wilderness First Responder course -WFR- and gain the WFR certification. This course is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, preparing you to care for injuries and illness in remote, challenging environments. Our instructors are professional care providers with many years of outdoor leadership experience.


Experience and speak several local languages during travel. Practice and learn Spanish with native instructors each day following a language program adapted to give each student personal freedom to immerse in local cultures.


Focus on your goals and pursue your life vision as trained life empowerment coaches guide you through our 3-step plan toward accomplishing your dreams. First, in your pre-travel program, you and your parents may participate in an online preparation course, an online workshop and a life coach session. Second, during your travel, you will receive one-on- one sessions every two weeks. Third, after your return home, you are welcome to continue your conversation with the coach of your choice.


Travel responsibly and sustainably.  Respect and enrich your destinations and all inhabitants. Steward local environment and resources, acting to make the impact as positive as possible. Practice zero waste travel by consuming locally, minimizing the use of plastic and preparing sustainable food. Work with local youth in social, artistic and long term environmental programs. Respect and live in harmony with the native culture and traditions.  Create and unite global communities with a common vision, care for our planet Earth.


Experience different ways of living and participate in daily life activities with local families and other students. Feel the warmth of multiple cultures and communities as families welcome you to their homes. Share enriching and transformative experiences!


Balance your adventures with mindful practice and yoga. Further your awareness -align your mind and body- and inner capabilities in workshops and other community activities. Expand your awareness and connect with your courage and empathy as you develop your leadership skills. Develop outer and inner strength as well as self-awareness of your deeper levels of consciousness. Practice yoga and mindfulness practices. Be part of Evolve coaching program. Earn your Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in Costa Rica.

Holistic Education

Holistic education integrates many levels of human experience. As you interact with other youth, new cultures and the environment, you will gain self confidence as well as interpersonal and groups skills. You are encouraged to explore your inner world as well as your expanding worldview.